Life Coaching Is For You!

Life Coaching will transform your life

If Not Now, When?

How will you approach 2020?  With confidence?  With enthusiasm?  Possibly with the support of a professional, personal life coach? Let me help you probe your thoughts on these queries.

When was the last time you invested in you?  Maybe you’ve spent significant funds achieving skills and knowledge to advance your career, purchased a home or a luxury car, a designer wardrobe, perhaps you’ve even travelled the world or financed an impressive physical appearance.

Yet when did you invest in the real you?  You know to whom I am speaking.  ‘You’ – the person inside you, who is presumed to be the joyful recipient of all the happiness that is awaited from your unending material purchases.

Now ask yourself this.  Have your numerous expenditures really achieved the happiness you so desire?  Are you living a joyful life?  Have you ever invested in the real ‘you’ to discover what it will take to make you joyful and how to achieve it?

To help you answer these questions I submit the following points to challenge you to know if it’s time to hire a life coach.  If it’s time to say “yes” to yourself and join hands with your coach to transform your life?

  1. Your confidence is not where you want it to be. Everyone has an ‘inner  roommate’ and that roommate can be positive or negative. It can be exhausting just listening to a negative roommate tell us how to think (anger, judgment, fear, shame. etc.) and constantly remind us of how inferior we are (I’m not good enough). Learn how to reprogram your mind and how the power of positive thought will transform all aspects of your life.   Learn how the universe is a mirror, bringing to us what we are thinking and feeling (both consciously and unconsciously).  Learn how important it is to love yourself (the precious one you have been ignoring all your life).
  2. You’re not sure who you really are. When we were very young life was less complicated and our egos less defined. Then, we lived life freely, authentically and people were easily drawn to us. But life has a way of hiding the real ‘you’ (even from yourself) as you morph into the person you believe the outside world expects.  Gain a deeper understanding of yourself rather than remain in your ‘race to conform’.  Learn how to leverage your whole brain (IQ and EQ) for the greatest clarity on consciousness and self-awareness. Socrates said “An unexamined life is not worth living” – let me help you rediscover the real you, in you, and help you to live your authentic self.
  3. Your patterns are not supporting your goals. You have an idea about where you want to be, but you continue to sabotage your plans and remain trapped by your bad habits. You lack true commitment to really make your dreams a reality and you’re not sure how to get on the right track. Overwhelm and procrastination are patterns and coping mechanisms that do not enable achievement of goals. Together, we begin with your beliefs and mindset to help remove your blocks to reach levels of personal commitment and growth through understanding, feelings and love.
  4. You’re unhappy or irritable. Are you often in a state of reaction versus responding? This can manifest in a number of ways. Perhaps you have frequent outbursts where you say things you often regret rather than pausing, considering and responding with kindness and without judgments and assumptions. Clinging, resisting and longing are the cause of human suffering and I will help you learn how to cherish the ‘present’, which will set you free and allow you to live with peace and harmony.
  5. You’re in a huge transition.Whether you’re looking to make a career change, or you’re facing another significant life transition (divorce, relocation, health challenge, end of life, etc.), it’s no secret you’ll burn your friends, family and yourself out repeating your story. Transitions bring up stress, anxiety, sadness and pain, all of which have the tendency to set us on edge and make us feel as though we need to talk things through…over and over again.  I will teach you how to use my proven 7-Steps-To-Resilience Model to clearly and effectively transition you into your next steps of life.  I will guide you with positivity to turn your adversity into potential through resiliency.  Assist you to draw a line in the sand and begin a new life story with my Life Coaching.  You will become resilient and joyfully experience all that life brings to you.
  6. You’re craving more purpose. You may be having huge success in your career, yet you still feel unfulfilled. Perhaps you lack a clear vision, but most likely you have qualities and passions that are not being utilized. I will help you identify the values you most cherish and together we will determine a means to leverage them into your life and your purpose.  “The meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life is to give it away.”

Have you identified with any of the preceding points?  If the answer is ‘Yes’, it’s time to take my hand and invest in ‘You’ with my Life Coaching.

In the words of Albert Einstein, “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” There’s nothing powerful about procrastination, so go out and step into your power.  Say yes to the transformation that awaits you?

For me, its a joy and privilege to show my clients how to successfully negotiate life’s challenges while inspiring them to build sustainable, healthy practices which create ever more resilient, fulfilling and joyful lives.  My powerful LIFE COACHING services will transform you!

In addition, my Life Coaching offers mentoring of my experiences, tools and ideas which I have acquired and developed over the years (e.g. life-cycle wisdom, resilience development and my yoga wisdom). My mentoring will assist the Client complete their personalized goals and commitments for change.

“So be The Change you wish to see – Take my hand, say ‘Yes’ to Life Coaching”

Discover how Life Coaching can help you to achieve your goals and realize your dreams, hopes and aspirations. Contact me to schedule your free, no obligation consultation today! 

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