My Resilience Journey

Jim and Margaret. I Love You More – July, 2006

“Grief does not change you – it reveals you”     – John Green

‘My Parting Gift’ honors the life of my late husband Roy James Rattenbury.   He was a remarkable man with exceptional vitality, a quiet wisdom, and he lived his life with the utmost of integrity and devoid of ego.

Jim was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer two months following our wedding.

Written over a six year healing journey, my memoir symbolizes the end of my grief and the start of my new life as a life teacher and resilience thought leader.

Take a journey into my grief and learn how I healed to share my wisdom and insights with others facing similar adversities.

I share my late husband’s heroic five and one-half year battle with cancer, our incomparable love story, and our undaunted ability to transcend on our quest for life.

I write candidly about my own trials in an honest, intimate, and emotionally powerful story.  Through my determined healing journey and by drawing on both my inherent and enhanced resilience I came to grips with the narrative of my life story as I reflected on who I am and what I want for my future.

I hope that ‘My Parting Gift’ will inspire all who read it to embrace the healing power of love and in its abundance manage their adversities while restoring their life.

   “When a soul mate dies, their twin loses connection to their spirit”                                                         – Margaret Hansen

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