Life Coaching Is For You!

Life Coaching will transform your life

If Not Now, When?

How will you approach 2020?  With confidence?  With enthusiasm?  Possibly with the support of a professional, personal life coach? Let me help you probe your thoughts on these queries. Continue reading

Happy Spring, Happy Easter, Happy Life

As spring and Easter breathes new life into us all…   I sensed a desire to share one of my favored poems as a way of celebration and gratitude.

In our world of uncertainty and chaos you may think that its prose are most inconceivable to attain.  What if they were within your reach?  What would you do to achieve their bliss? Continue reading

Give the “Gift of Forgiveness”

heart shape and gift box

Forgiveness Heals The Heart

This Christmas give the ‘Gift of Forgiveness’.  This perfect gift requires no shopping, no wrapping and poses no concern over cost, size, color or redundancy. It the ultimate gift for everyone, especially for the ones who seem to have everything and it is truly the very best gift we can give ourselves.  Forgiveness heals our injured heart enabling it to flow unrestricted to health while enhancing our personal resilience.
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Our Divine Nature is inherently resilient

Kapalua, Maui - Seduction of Spirit - I AM Divine Nature

Seduction of Spirit – I AM Divine Nature

I recently attended a Chopra Center Seduction of Spirit seminar in Maui and had the good karma to personally connect with my revered spiritual gangster, Deepak Chopra.  I attended the seminar to advance my spiritual growth and to learn where awareness and resilience meet to enable the refinement of my 7-steps-to-resilience model.   Continue reading

A Personal Study in Resilience

Adversity is inevitable – Growth is optional

Should I have imagined that I would sustain another trauma that would threaten my independence and test my will to live?  The answer is “Yes, life continues to challenge us all” Continue reading

Resilience fosters happier communities

Happiness - Christianshavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

Happiness is biking in Copenhagen, Denmark

It’s not surprising that Denmark is among the four top-ranked (all Nordic nations) countries in this year’s World Happiness Report for it has held onto the ‘Happiest Nation in the World’ distinction since 1973. Continue reading

Invitation to the Create Resilience community

Dear Friends:Resilience Model Blog Invitation

This is my personal invitation to you to learn why Resilience is important and how-to-create it.  As well, you may test your own resilience and participate in the validation of my 7-steps-to-create-resilience model. Continue reading