My Parting Gift – Memoir

My memoir is a ‘must read’ for anyone who has experienced the loss of their soul mate.  My personal story provides meaningful insights to assist others faced with a similar journey; relevant for:

  • Individuals experiencing health challenges and/or preparing for the end of life;
  • Grief or bereavement sufferers to help them understand that they can heal and begin anew;
  • Family, friends and neighbors of palliative patients, grief or bereavement suffers to learn how they can be supportive;
  • Caregivers to learn how critical it is to take care of themselves while caring for others;
  • All to learn that dying and in particular dying at home or hospice can be a blessed experience.

Read testimonials from others about the essence and helpfulness of my memoir.

 How to purchase your own experience of my journey:

Select Amazon for a black and white version of  ‘My Parting Gift’ or use Pay Pal to purchase a color version directly from the Author.


Amazon option – black and white version


Paypal option – Color version

 “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside”                                                                              – Maya Angelou

My Parting Gift_cover_Feb11.indd

Look inside My Parting Gift

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