Our Divine Nature is inherently resilient

Kapalua, Maui - Seduction of Spirit - I AM Divine Nature

Seduction of Spirit – I AM Divine Nature

I recently attended a Chopra Center Seduction of Spirit seminar in Maui and had the good karma to personally connect with my revered spiritual gangster, Deepak Chopra.  I attended the seminar to advance my spiritual growth and to learn where awareness and resilience meet to enable the refinement of my 7-steps-to-resilience model.  

Dr. Chopra was indeed the most gracious and compelling teacher I have ever encountered and, his seminar’s teachings were truly transformative (i.e. mind-blowing). The event was much more than I could ever have imagined, 450 amazing participants, world-renowned spiritual leaders, pristine spiritual location and ultimately a confirmation of the intimate alignment between spirituality and resilience.  Paramount to it all, I discovered the key to unlock our divine nature and align ourselves with the cosmic laws and (bonus) longevity.

Our ‘Divine Nature’ is our essence and the soul we are gifted at birth (when we shifted from non-local to local) – it is divine love and pure potentiality supported by an entire and personal universe.

We are a myriad of temporary events – sensations, images, feelings/emotions and thoughts (SIFT) created by our mind.  All events are experiences that are not our own but rather historical, cultural and socioeconomic conditioning that we constantly relive as recycled memories – karma.  We are not our thoughts nor are we our sensations, images and emotions yet we concede to them a powerful influence on our resilience.

Certainly, we are living in difficult times (i.e. an insane asylum) where most are in a race to conform rather than discover our divine nature, live our full potential and realize its accompanying bliss.  We are living in a self-imposed prison where the cell bars are our minds – minds that have been sculpted by our years’ of conditioning experiences.  Sadly, we may not be living our true purpose which can only be known by our divine nature and may remain hidden by layer upon layer of SIFT conditioning.

The great part about spiritual awaking is the knowledge that we can reconnect with our divine nature through silence, deep reflection, nature and meditation (e.g. Chopra’s Primordial Sound Meditation).  We can re-wire our brain for higher consciousness/awareness and freedom and we can transform our world into one of love, peace and harmony with cosmic law.

The seminar’s teachings were complex and too numerous to share here however I will share that meditation creates new brain cells and new connections to our divine nature which over time will peel away the veil of SIFT conditioning.  As well, science has proven that meditation can improve our well-being and slow our rate of cellular aging by extending the length of our chromosomes’ telomeres.  You can choose to continue as a biological robot – or you can move to freedom with increased self-awareness and resilience.

(Self-awareness and resilience meet in learning about our SIFT; unbiased noticing and understanding of our body’s sensations, memories, feelings and thoughts will lay the foundation for increased resilience and joy.  Learn how to overcome SIFT conditioning and foster resilience with ANAPNEA my 7-steps-to-create-resilience-model.)

Examples of our divine nature/spirit can be observed in a baby’s eyes (i.e. innocence and pure potential) or in nature (without which we would not exist) – a tree does not try to impress with its inherent wisdom, a flower does not try to be more beautiful, the sun does not selectively shine, a killer whale does not try to impress us with its jumping abilities; they merely are (nature/nurture).   Why do we humans feel as if we need to work harder, look better, entertain others, and at the same time be separate?  Just be – live your true nature, we are all made of the same cosmic atoms.

Here is what the seminar teachings did for me – when I learned that karma is nothing more than our desires and a recycling of experiences (i.e. our brain’s neural chemical activity recording experiences) – I was in.  I was in to reconnect with my divine nature and live by the cosmic laws of Detachment, Dharma (Purpose), Pure Potentiality, Giving and Receiving, Cause and Effect, Least Effort and Intention and Desire (7 spiritual laws of yoga).

I was in to unlock my ‘Divine Nature’ and to be the best version of myself that I can be and to that end I have been meditating every day (I also plan to be here as long as my telomeres can possibly provide).  Science has proven that meditation can wirelessly transmit to others and I want to help Deepak Chopra reach his goal of 1 billion daily meditators living by the cosmic laws.  It is his belief that one billion beings meditating is the critical mass required to shift the world from hate to love and war to peace – I think he is on to something – You May Want To Join Primordial Sound Meditation… 

     "Be The Change You Wish To See In The World" 
                     - Mahatma Gandhi
"Death is not the greatest loss in life the greatest loss is what 
                 dies inside us while we live" 
                     - Norman Cousins

One thought on “Our Divine Nature is inherently resilient

  1. Very interesting piece. I resonated with the sentence about our Karma being recycled experiences. WOW! I attended a DC event here in Indianapolis a few years ago. He’s a great man, with a true purpose, making a huge difference, in the enlightenment of many.


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