Resilience 101: Where and How

Woman traveler looking at Batur volcano. Indonesia
“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things”  – Henry Miller
Where is Resilience created?

The idea of resilience is both simple and complex.  In simple terms its ‘what it takes to face life’s challenges without losing energy’, yet complex in that it intersects with several of our social science disciplines – psychology, holistic wellness, sociology, personal management, leadership and spirituality. Personal resilience resides across these disciplines therefore all must be considered and leveraged.

Sustainable practices and approaches to life’s challenges must be developed and human energy to fuel and support the individual must be created.  As with any skill, strengthening resilience requires time and continual effort by the individual wanting to improve their resiliency.

How to create resilience?

Resilience is a process with learnable skills and can be developed by virtually anyone. In examining my journey and those of others, coupled with my earned wisdom I developed a 7-step model to create resilience to simplify the process and guide your actions. You may notice the common social science threads of self-definition and behaviors, motivators and habits, self-management and life balancing, awareness and transformation attributes present across my 7-step model, embrace this repetition to achieve optimum results.

In my life journey I have faced many adversities and incidents of loss.  Due to chronic grief I completely lost my way and disconnected from life yet through my inherent and learned resilience I have transformed my life into a new and more joyous one. It is my privilege to share my 7 Steps to Create Resilience model with you.

“To realize the potential of the present, we need to heed the wisdom of the past”       – Eric Greiten

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