Invitation to the Create Resilience community

Dear Friends:Resilience Model Blog Invitation

This is my personal invitation to you to learn why Resilience is important and how-to-create it.  As well, you may test your own resilience and participate in the validation of my 7-steps-to-create-resilience model.

The Resilience Model bar chart here depicts a highly resilient individual whose life is equally influenced by all of its 7 process steps.  The chart’s example may or may not be the ideal for everyone and It is merely included to challenge your philosophy about resilience. How does your resilience measure up? Should all resilience process steps have equal influence in our lives or does that even matter?

To vet and validate my model you may:

  • Choose to leverage your own innate resilience wisdom while examining the 7-steps-to-create-resilience model or apply this model to your life – to determine if the model will support you to become a more resilient person;
  • Participate in refining the 7-step model by sharing your loss experience(s) and confide if this 7-step model would benefit you, or if the model is missing essential elements; and perhaps,
  • Weigh each step with a value between 1-10, indicating the influence each step has on resilience (1 – lowest, 10 – highest).

You or someone you know has experienced adversity and loss first-hand. You or they know how helpless you feel when you don’t know how to help yourself or don’t have the tools to get back on track.

Like the Japanese proverb: “Fall down seven times stand up eight” I will continue to improve this ‘Resilience Model’ until I am confident it represents all ‘proven’ resilience enablers.  Your participation is key towards achieving this objective and the creation of a ‘best-in-class’ model.

I wrote My Parting Gift to help others avoid the pain that was experienced in my journey but I created this ‘7-steps-to-create-resilience’ to teach everyone how to create resilience and joy in their lives.

Currently I offer my services for bereavement and grief groups leveraging my Resilience Model as a process by which they can overcome their loss and transform their lives into new and more joyous one.

I believe my model can assist all of us to experience more joy and less hardship when facing adversity and loss. Whether we experience a traumatic loss (as in the loss of a loved one) or the loss of vitality (as in the natural aging process), we can learn to embrace change in new and less challenging ways.

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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” 
- Gandhi

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