Life Coaching

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If you take away a person’s struggle you take away their victory. Good coaching empowers the Client to receive new ideas from within and take action for permanent positive change.

What is Life Coaching?

My Life Coaching techniques are rooted in Power Coach® methodology and accredited by Coaching and Leadership International (CLI) Inc. and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Life Coaching offers an ongoing partnership that helps the Client produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional life.  The Coach uses forty+ profiles, assessments, methods and tools, asks the right questions in the right order to help the Client explore the reasons for their challenge or inability to achieve their goal. Together they explore roadblocks, emotions, fears, Universal Laws of human behavior, values of humanity, etc. while leveraging the science of quantum physics and biology to guarantee results that the client desires.

The powerful science of CLI’s Mind-Kinetics® is applied to maximize the Client’s benefits in achieving the results they desire as it is scientifically designed to open ‘closed thinking cells’ by creating a physiological biological shift in the brain. Power coaching opens the mind and empowers the Client to receive new ideas and take action for permanent positive change.

Additionally my Life Coaching offers mentoring of my experience, tools and ideas which I have acquired and developed over the years (e.g. life-cycle wisdom, resilience development, yoga wisdom). My mentoring can assist the Client complete their personalized goals and commitments for change.

Coaching Testimonials – What People are saying?

February 14, 2018 – “Dear Margaret: Thank you so much for this life changing experience!  I found this coaching experience was by far the best investment… READ MORE

What are Life Coaching benefits?

When you work with me some of the benefits you can expect to experience are to:

  • learn the power of thought and its proven impacts to your life;
  • affirm areas of improvement in all aspects of life;
  • learn that you possess the power to provide all the answers to all your issues and challenges (e.g. bilateral/whole brain thinking);
  • live the values of humanity (e.g. courage, commitment, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, etc.);
  • stop blaming yourself and other;
  • overcome negative self-talk and judgments;
  • understand why you do the things you do (i.e. enables positive change to behaviour and habits);
  • achieve faster positive, permanent change (i.e. thinking cells closed for years will open);
  • stream in solutions to problems or challenges with much greater ease (e.g. think like an Einstein);
  • know your life purpose;
  • experience more self-love and end suffering;
  • turn adversity into potential;
  • achieve greater life balance;
  • enhance your strengths;
  • build stronger relationships;
  • become focused and action-oriented;
  • lead a more peaceful, fulfilling and joyful life (i.e. resilient).
“Be The Change – An Invitation To Lead”

Discover how Life Coaching can help you to achieve your goals and realize your dreams, hopes and aspirations. Contact me to schedule your free, no obligation consultation! 

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them” – Albert Einstein

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be” – Ralph W Emerson

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