Resilience for Joyful Living

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Nature’s Resiliency in Motion

Personal Resilience is Positivity in Motion

Statistics confirm that resilient people live longer while experiencing healthier and more joyful lives. Although stress, adversity and loss are inevitable for all, resilient people self-regulate their stress and are more likely to survive and even thrive. Fortunately humans are born with an innate resilience which can be vitally strengthened through a positive mindset and the right tools.

Become inspired to live a more resilient and joyful life by employing this website as your road-map for motivation and guidance.  Here you will learn to embrace life’s constant barrage of change and live your joy.

Understand the What, Why, Who, When, Where and How of resilience: Resilience 101.

Begin the process of resilience building: Create Resilience Model. Alternatively, invest in yourself with my personal LIFE COACHING to overcome adversity and challenge, achieve your life goals or obtain clarity on what they should be.

Learn who I am as an experienced life teacher and personal Life & Resilience coach: Margaret Hansen.

Experience my personal Journey with adversity, grief and transformation (i.e. my transformation was realized through the process of resilience building).

My consulting/coaching services are offered to all individuals seeking to navigate life in a more joyful manner: Contact Me

Visit my Blog to read interesting articles on Resilience; learn how it is responsible for the improved quality of life for all who practice it.

Whatever the adversity you are experiencing suffering from –  e.g. health challenges, stress, loss or bereavement, supporting a grief or bereavement victim, caregiving, preparing for or simply seeking to understand the end of life process and transformation, my memoir “My Parting Gift” will be of great benefit to you.

“Creating personal resilience is embracing change with a positive mindset.”   – Margaret Hansen

5 thoughts on “Resilience for Joyful Living

  1. Change happens whether we want it to or not. I suspect if more people would accept this truth, they could relax a bit more. They wouldn’t have to struggle so.

    What an interesting word – resilience. I use moxey a lot, and tenacity a lot. I applaud bravery, and those who are courageous. I will mull over using resilience now. It has a nice silky sound.


    • Interesting comment regarding the silky sound of resilience – it is a good descriptive of the word as the smoother, sleek and soft (i.e. relaxed) we are perhaps the easier time we will have riding the waves of life’s up’s and down’s. Like all positive traits resilience requires practice…. thank you, I like your spirit.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I like your spirit as well Margaret. That’s why I pulled out all the stops when commenting. I’m glad I elected to join the community, and you’re one of the special reasons why!


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